July 29, 2015

Media Contact: Joe Biggs,

Invictus Office Center, the HUB of Minority Entrepreneurship

Joe Biggs, community manager and one of the managing partners gave a recent interview for Invictus Office Center, A Coworking Community Space.

It has been about a month since the grand opening, how are things coming along?

Things have been great. Since our grand opening on June 30th, we have been quickly accepted into the community. We’ve definitely been gaining
momentum here in Durham. Invictus is fulfilling a need that the community has been lacking. One of the mottos that we have is ‘Changing the way you
work, because the way you work has changed’. This illustrates how quickly coworking has been accepted in today’s society. Gone are the days of working
in a traditional office setting. In addition, small business owners no longer have to work in coffee shops or be isolated working at home. Coworking
spaces and the collaborative, connective environment they create has become more and more important from both a social and professional standpoint.
There are days that I walk into the center and am amazed of the diversity of businesses, meetups and networking that occurs here. What other place
would you find a lawyer sitting next to an artist and providing legal advice while an IT professional is setting up a meetup event and a realtor giving
a home buying seminar in one of the conference rooms? Incredible and exciting.

The Triangle Business Journal did a short article on Invictus and one of the aspects they wrote on was that the owners of the office center being all minorities. Could you elaborate?

What sets us apart from other coworking spaces is that Invictus was created for the community. We strongly believe in Durham and all eight founders are
contributing members. We are businessmen, educators, and fathers. As far as I’m aware, we are the only locally and minority owned coworking space in
North Carolina and perhaps the United States. We launch Invictus Office Center to foster the entrepreneurship talent already growing in Durham. Durham
is full of entrepreneurs and visionaries and Invictus will be their launch pad. Additionally, one of our initiatives is for Invictus Office Center
to be the hub of minority entrepreneurs.

Invictus Office Center is the hub of minority entrepreneurship. That is a bold concept and statement.

Yes, that is correct. Unfortunately, a large number of minority owned businesses do not survive past the first couple of years or they do not enjoy the
level of success their counterparts may experience in the same industry. It is not because minority entrepreneurs lack the drive or passion to be successful.
They may have the perfect product or provide the best service but in most case, they do not have the support or knowledge necessary to prosper. In
addition to having access to the office center with its amenities and networking, each Invictus member will have the opportunity to receive business
guidance and mentoring. Through partnerships we cultivated with other community-based organizations, Invictus members will have access to mentoring
to gain the critical business acumen, knowledge and strategy development to help them grow and be successful. We ourselves are minority entrepreneurs
with strong ties in Durham and the community. This along with other enterprises we are pursuing for our members will strengthen our position that Invictus Office Center is the HUB of Minority Entrepreneurship.

Located at 601 Fayetteville Street in Durham, with over 6,000 square feet, Invictus Office Center, A Coworking Community Space offers
an open area for coworking with private phone booths, a café lounge, high quality printers, 3x meeting rooms, 2x large conference rooms, private offices,
and dedicated desk spaces.

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