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For Questions regarding Black Future Month, presented by iNvictus Office Center – The HUB of Minority Entrepreneurship, please contact Joe Biggs, Jr at

Black Future Month

presented by

iNvictus Office Center – The HUB of Minority Entrepreneurship


Throughout the month of February, we will celebrate Black History Month at iNvictus Office Center. Being The HUB of Minority Entrepreneurship, we are
electing to do so by highlighting great historical African-American entrepreneurs alongside current and future African-American innovators. While
we, like the rest of the United States, use February to acknowledge the huge accomplishments of African-Americans, we don’t want to focus so intently
on the past that we overlook the reason why we celebrate these accomplishments; that being how African-American pioneers affect and inspire future
generations of African-American entrepreneurs. Subsequently, this February, iNvictus Office Center will celebrate Black Future Month!

The Advisory Council of iNvictus Office Center has researched through centuries of African-American entrepreneurial greatness and selected individuals
that we believe offers the most impactful depiction of the connectedness between current African-American entrepreneurs with historical pioneers
of whom shoulders they stand on. Please join us this Black Future Month 2016 in honoring the following African-American entrepreneurial giants:

Sarah Breedlove (Madame CJ Walker)

Tristan Walker

Arthur Gaston

Lauren Maillian Bias

John Harold Johnson

Arielle Patrice Scott

Maggie Lena Walker

Baldwin Cunningham

Frederick Douglass Patterson

Hannah Bronfman

Larry & Denise Hester – M&M Real Estate Development & Consulting


Heven Rooks – R.E.A.L. Kids United (

Frankie Crocker – WBLS

DJ Nabs

Mario Van Peebles

Chase Dawson – Kid DJ/host

Sherrod Banks – The Banks Law Firm

Kimberly Williams – Right Time Realty (

John Merrick – NC Mutual Life / Black Wall Street

Talib Graves-Mann – Rainbow Me (