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Shared Workplace, Meeting Rooms & Coworking Offices in Durham, NC

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The big idea

At iNVICTUS we strongly believe that the community and environment fosters innovation, productivity, and creativity. Therefore, we built a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to work alongside each other and be inspired. From private conference and meeting rooms to shared up to date amenities, iNvictus Office Center is where people and business come to work and grow –together.





What is coworking?

Tired of working at home and needing more social interaction or is the coffee shop becoming too hectic & crazy for you? Have you ever considered working in a Coworking space? WHAT IS COWORKING? It is a community where individuals can be innovative, creative, and inspired working alongside other motivated professionals sharing office space and amenities. Amenities such as wifi & Internet connectivity,conference & meeting rooms, high quality print services and even a lounge with premium coffee, assorted beverages, & light snacks.


Edward R. Boyd,Jr.


iNvictus Group Holdings, LLC.

Chief Strategy Officer


iNvictus Forward Outreach

Board Chair

Gerald Richardson


iNvictus Group Holdings, LLC.

Chief Financial Officer


iNvictus Office Center

Logistics Director

Joseph L. Biggs, Jr.


iNvictus Office Center

CEO & Managing Partner



Executive Director

Iyon Mitchell


iNvictus Forward Outreach

Executive Director


“GREAT PLACE to work and hold meeting! I enjoy the coworking concept and ABSOLUTELY LOVE the location; within a 2 minute drive
to the center of Downtown Durham, only a 10 minute drive to Research Triangle Park and 15 minutes from Raleigh, NC, just off
Highway 147!!! I can work comfortably and I’m always just minutes away from anywhere in the Triangle. There are a ton of places
to eat within a few minutes right in Downtown Durham”

-Adria Boyd

“Incredible concept… Indeed, a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for all.”

-Clarence Williams

“As a solo practioner, I have found the co-working concept to be ideal. I am able to have the convenience of a modern, professional,
and fully automated work environment without the long term commitment of a traditional lease. It helps me manage my overhead
and increase my bottom line. This arrangement allows me to focus more on practicing law and less on my office management.”

-S. Hand, Esq.


Invictus Office Center